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Digital transformation is gaining momentum.

Physical product security and tamper resistance are ever more demanding.

Securikett closes the loop in security and traceability.

"We believe consumers should be able to trust the products they receive."

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This simple-to-use and absolutely effective protection against tampering includes a series of security features, unrivaled in the market:
easy-to-understand color effects display an opened lock, the words OPEN or VOID, crushed glass or even your own logo, when the tape is peeled
the opening effect is irreversible
three distinct stages characterize the appearance of leave-behind layer, peeled-off layer as well as the appearance when the tampered tape is placed back
logos in any shades and colors can be placed on the outer layer, within the breakage effect or in the leave behind layer

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Martin Kases
Product Manager
Phone: +43 2259 30 800 – 27
E-Mail: martin.kases@securikett.com

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