A superlabel made from renewable raw material that can do it all

Recyclable packaging based on renewable resources is in demand worldwide. To meet this demand, Securikett has created a revolutionary paper-based security seal technology, offering sustainable and secure sealing for cardbord packaging. When it comes to product properties such as sustainability, origin, authenticity, supply chain integrity, ethics, etc., digital Securikett technology enables this information to be linked directly to each individual sales unit of product. In this way, the properties can be communicated to the customer in a trustworthy, transparent and personal way and increase the integrity and perception of the product.

Enjoy the beneftis of product digitalization:

  • “One package – one material” – positively influence the circular economy
  • Transparency and control over the entire supply chain
  • Proof of authenticity, with direct consumer involvement
  • Comprehensive data collection, with analytics and forecasting