Assigning a unique identifier (UID) to a product is the basis of IoT in product security and traceability. Only uniqueness and unpredictability enable communication among products and interoperability among systems.

But, all of this requires security and traceability in the creation and handling of UIDs, before connecting them to products or labels.
We guarantee the uniqueness of codes for good, thanks to our encryption technology.

Use the Securikett UID Generating and Issuing Platform as the trusted third party to securely and traceably issue codes!

Leave behind the headache, and rely on Securikett to create truly unique and highly scalable volumes of codes.

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From ingredient sourcing through supply chain monitoring down to the end user – raise your visibility of supply and distribution channels and create the basis for product verification and market intelligence.

CODITrack is the toolbox for cloud connected Track & Trace to brighten insights on supply chain and distribution channels, stocks in the market and user preferences. This added visibility helps to detect and dismantle parallel trading and unintended cross-border activities.

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Codikett UIDs, once implemented for traceability, will fulfill other communication tasks simultaneously.

They are real masters of multi-tasking! To enable communication in IoT, we print 2D codes as QR or datamatrix or add an NFC chip for even easier data capture.

Thus, Codikett becomes the basis of user-connectivity, providing valuable up to date information for your end user while also providing the brand owner with market intelligence and the opportunity for customer interaction.

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