Security labels should cope with, prevent or make evident various types of product fraud, such as

  • tampering, replacing, refilling
  • counterfeiting and illegal copying
  • smuggling and parallel trading

All of our innovation and cutting edge technology is available to customize into security labels designed to meet a brand’s specific requirements, be it for local or global protection.

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Like in any security printing, the classic levels from overt to hidden security still prevail.

Holograms, visible security inks and individual void effects form strong pillars to overtly inform the user about the presence of the security label. Covert or completely hidden inks and substances complement security labels, just like any banknote or high-level personal document.

Today, these features are strongly supported or even dominated by the IT aspect of product protection and brand communication.

At Securikett, we print UIDs and/or store them in an NFC or UHF tag, to link to the web platform for verification and communication.

These smart approaches however will always require a physical link to the product, in particular tamper resistant security labels and systems to prevent undetected reprints and clones.

Nina Zehetmaier

Head of Sales

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