UID Issuing provides secure UIDs for numerous use cases. These are mandatory for the unique identification of items:

  • Serialized excise and tax stamps
  • Serialized security labels
  • Direct marketing of products
  • National deposit systems
  • For use in third-party IoT platforms

What they all have in common is the independent generation and traceability of UIDs.
Whether the UIDs are used for print products or whether the UIDs are used for direct marketing: Secure logging of every event for each UID. The event logging begins with the order of just UIDs or UIDs for print products.

When UIDs are deployed, the entire manufacturing and packaging process is seamlessly linked to each UID.

All relevant data and events are assigned to the respective UIDs and can be retrieved online at any time.

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The cloud-connected Track & Trace application enables full transparency of the lifecycle of a UID or the individual item (product) associated with it.

In the manufactoring process:

Available information about the manufactoring process are assigned to the final product.

  • Raw materials used
  • Origin of the raw materials
  • Production steps
  • Properties of the production processes involved

When placing the product on the market:

  • Packaging aggregation (single item, outer carton, pallet)
  • Linking with related product data, images, media data
  • Assignment to all recipients
  • Monitoring of grey market, parallel trade
  • Inventory management of distributed warehouses

Return of goods:

  • Support of national deposit systems
  • Empties management
  • Recycling

Common to all areas is the traceability of every use of UIDs in the manufacturing and distribution process granted to different user groups.

The cloud-connected IoT application equally uses and combines the added values from Codikett UID Issuing and Codikett Track & Trace. All available information converges on this platform and is used process- and user-dependently.

  • Multilingual consumer engagement

Nothing is static. Many variables, such as the time, the location, the scanned product or a predefined user group, influence the content of the response to the UID scan. Ensuring that the content is always presented that best matches the situation.

  • Smart IoT applications to fulfill specific use cases

Applications based on the UIDs can be flexibly created and used with the Codikett IoT platform. Thus, “talking” products become digitally supported business processes.

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