One of the big advantages of the VOID effect by Securikett is their wide range of application on different substrates. Yet, adhesion and ease of opening or releasing the label are tailored on the specific intended usage.

In our laboratory, technical performance is tested on a batch-by-batch basis. Beware of our fraud simulation studio – it helps for the widest possible protection against unnoticed tampering!

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Following 20 years of continous research and innovation, a whole suite of leading edge technologies is now available. Based on the specific risk profile of our customers, as well as the requirements of brand design and packaging, we create and specify tamper proof security seals to customer needs.

VOID labels may contain a variety of text, graphics and other features, such as logos, holograms, UIDs and hidden codes – also have a look at our room “Security Labels”.

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VOID is an English term for anything which has become invalid by usage.

The words “VOID” or “OPEN” are often used to appear on a label or tape after peel-off. Also symbols such as an open lock, an X, or breakage patterns are common to indicate usage or tampering.